11 de diciembre de 2008

Spinnerette - Ghetto Love EP


Hey You! How's it going, eh? Ready for the holidays and the fat man in the red suit? We're sure you can't believe that you could be dancing to Spinnerette's new Ghetto Love EP whilst slipping into a hot teddy, oops, we mean sipping a hot toddy. Well you can! Here it is in all it's long awaited glory, we're just as chuffed to pour it into your ears as you are to hear it. We know that usually EPs come after LPs but we thought we'd do it alphabetically for a change 'cos it's only right and natural, and after all, rules are meant to be broken.

Please note that we are putting this out ourselves and that downloading for free, "stealing" will mean that we might not tour as far and wide as we'd like to, due to a lack of funds...and also Santa will steal your Mom away and make her a gift wrapping slave. But seriously think about it and think about doing good and lovely things for each other, after all these are the best gifts of all. We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. The music files are 320 bps mp3s so you don't have to listen to those bad YouTube videos you've been excited to post. There is the indelible production done by the sweetest meat of all - Alain Johannes and a cool video made by Liam Lynch on a green screen at his house. Homemade jam tastes good, homemade jams are even better.

-- Big love and eggnog kisses SPINNERETTE

ps. Make sure you click the play button below, and when you see the content, scroll to the bottom and you'll see a DOWNLOAD button, CLICK the download button and get your GHETTO LOVE!

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