12 de diciembre de 2016

Orchestra Sovremennik - 1974 (With Natasha Shneider)

Funk, jazz, progressive, disco, electro music from USSR

Natalia Shnaydermanova was born in 1956 in Riga, Latvia, to a then-Latvian Jewish family. Moving to Moscow as a child and growing up there with her artistic family, music was a big part of her everyday life. Natalia's father Michael - "Misha" - was an accordionist and her mother Larissa was a Folk singer. Her sister Vera followed in her mother's foot steps and also became a singer. Natalia - also spelled Natasha - started playing piano early on, as did her 6 years older, Siberian-born brother Vladimir.

The album 'Sovremennik'
Natasha got a classical music education at the University of Moscow, where she in 1973 met her future husband Serge, at an underground rock session, no less. While in her teens, she and her husband joined the Anatoly Kroll-led, state sponsored orchestra Sovremennik, which played mainly jazzy, contemporary, Russian music. The name of the orchestra itself means "contemporary". Since the band was sponsored by the state, the repertoire had to be approved by the culture commission. This meant absolutely no rock'n'roll.
Fuente: 2010odysseyarchive.blogspot

01. Hello, contemporary / Здравствуй, современник
02. What to do with it / Ну что с ним делать
03. Lullaby / Колыбельная
04. The Mysterious Island / Таинственный остров
05. Moscow streets / Московские улицы
06. At birches and pines / У берёз и сосен
07. Dedication / Посвящение
08. Rhythm goes forward / Ритм идёт вперёд

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